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DabApps is a marketplace to trade verified accounts from services like PatSnap, CashApp, Discord and many more. We have been serving the community since 2016! Browse our inventory today or sign up for an account of your own! Buy a verified account for $0.98 to sell bitcoin, send money or pay your friends instantly! Includes 1-week free trial, 10BTC starting balance + earn up to 10% interest on your deposits. Get started today!




Buy Verified Cashapp Account:

Looking for a verified account on CashApp? Look no further than DabApps! We are the leading marketplace for verified accounts from popular services like PatSnap, Discord, and more. Our team of experts verifies every account before it goes up for sale, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product available. shop now and get started today! community since 2016 and are the pioneers of this industry. All of our accounts have been verified for your safety and come with all the documents you need to get started. We offer a wide variety of accounts so that you can find the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for an account to start your business or just want to save money, DabApps has what you need!

We sell Cashapp Accounts that are ready Account Buy a verified Cashapp Account through us.

  • Create a fresh account with a new IP.
  • Fast delivery.
  • A guarantee of quality.


  • Access to your Account Details
  • Email Access
  • Routing Number
  • Number of Bank Accounts
  • Virtual Visa Card
  • Notepad/File Format ExcelWarnings & Requirements: Use an unclean USA VPN or IP address to avoid suspension.

 The delivery time is the maximum time of 12 to 72 hours.

Features of the Cash App Account

Payouts Pay and send money from anyone, give to a worthy cause, or give professionals a tip. Simply enter a hashtag of $ or phone number and scan the QR code for payment.
Banking Pay your bills or tax returns as well as other direct deposits up to 2 days ahead by using the Cash app routing and account number.
Credit Card, Cash and Boost It’s a completely free, custom debit card that allows you to pay online or in-store. This is the only way to receive boosts, instant discounts that are available at the places you’d like to spend
Investing in stocks: Whether you are already an expert or just beginning, the Cash App is the most efficient and easiest method of investing in stocks. Begin with just $1.
investing in Bitcoin: Cash App is the quickest method of converting dollars to bitcoins. On your desktop, just six taps are enough to pile sats on top of each other, buy the entire bitcoin, or simply check out what’s on offer. Buy Cashapp Account


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